18 Aug

Passionate care is a priority when you look for treatment options for yourself or your loved one, whether you realize it or not. Without a staff that is willing to do absolutely everything possible to make long-term recovery happen, the chances of lapsing and relapsing are more likely.

At SUN Behavioral Kentucky, we come to work every day passionate about helping our patients heal. We believe that by maintaining a positive attitude, working together, and treating all of our patients with the respect and dignity they deserve, we can truly make a difference in lives. We are determined to bring high-quality best-in-class services to everybody who needs help.

Using individualized treatment plans, we are working to break stigmas surrounding mental health and mental health treatment that have plagued the United States and world for far too long. 

Building a Stronger Tomorrow

Sun Behavioral Kentucky stands to treat all who desire treatment in our communities. We want to help any and all who have unmet needs pertaining to their mental health and/or substance use. 

Addressing Your Needs

Adolescent Program

- Support adolescents grappling with mental illness

- Work toward earlier detection of mental illness

- Properly treat conditions early on rather than later

- Reduce the risk of greater complications down the road

Adult Mood and Anxiety

- Support and treat the millions of adults grappling with mental illness each year

- Properly diagnose all conditions

- Treat diagnosed conditions through psychotherapy, medication, or a combination of both

- Experience the difference of individualized treatment plans

Adult Outpatient

- Options of both partial hospitalization (PHP) or intensive outpatient (IOP) programming

- PHP is a great transition option for those coming out of inpatient care

- Patients in PHP attend five group therapy sessions per day, five days a week

- Cognitive behavioral therapy, coping skills, and relapse prevention are all focused on

- IOP is a very flexible option that follows PHP

- IOP patients attend three group therapy sessions per day, five days a week

Integrity for Older Adults

- Addresses the needs of the often overlooked elderly

- Diagnose all conditions

- Trained staff are well-versed in senior illnesses

- Treatment plans customized based on the patient's needs

- Effort to involve and empower each patient in their own healing

- Use of psychotherapy (talk therapy)

Co-occurring and Substance Use Disorders

- Properly address all co-occurring disorders to ensure a patient's long

-term success

- Integrated treatment that acknowledges the presence of multiple conditions

- Highly individualized treatment

- Group psychotherapy- Recreational therapy

- Mindfulness and problem-solving


- Convenient, accessible healthcare from home

- Opens greater access to more people in the community

- Experience the same quality care as on-site

- Flexible and private.

A Passionate Team

At SUN Behavioral Health, our team of dedicated, compassionate professionals is committed to improving the health and well-being of the people and communities we serve.

We partner with hospitals, doctors, schools, and social service agencies to solve the unmet behavioral health needs that exist in neighborhoods across the country. Our top priority is delivering positive outcomes for our patients and their families, from education about the recovery process to programs that save lives and enhance life.

We Are Ready To Hear From You

If you believe Sun Behavioral Kentucky could be beneficial for you or your loved one, we are prepared to hear from you and answer all of your questions. Call us today or visit our website https://sunkentucky.com.

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